Tuesday, 3 July 2012

August 30th - September 1st, 2010 pt.1

We had an early start this morning and rode into Grand Falls-Windsor and decided to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant that caught our eye.  They were advertising their lunch special for $3.99, which ended up being fried rice, mixed vegetables, sweet and sour pork, and chicken balls; the pride of Chinese cuisine.  After devouring our exotic meal imported from the faraway lands of the orient, we were cruising around town when all of a sudden the unthinkable happens; my clutch cable snaps…again.  Seems pretty odd that it took 4 years before the original stock cable gave out back in Grand Canyon and less than 1 for the Motion Pro cable that replaced it.  

This was the exact spot where the cable snapped and it didn’t take long for help to arrive. You hear all these stories of how friendly people are in Newfoundland and it’s true; they really are.

The man that came to our rescue was none other than the fire chief himself, Vince Mackenzie.  Vince went above and beyond the call of duty to help us travelers who aren’t even from Newfoundland and judging by the way we look; some may consider “undesirables”.  We followed him to the fire hall, which was down the street from where we were and he took us in his SUV to all the dealerships in town to see if they had a replacement cable.  The Kawasaki dealership had none in stock, but can have shipped here in 2 days.  Then we went to a Yamaha dealership and they had one that might do the trick. 

The cable didn’t fit.  We ended up going back to the Kawasaki dealership and placed an order.  We now have a couple of days to burn and down one bike.

Vince suggested that we keep the bike here at the fire hall until the cable comes in and that we stay at the training facility on the outskirts of town.  Wow!  That would be so cool!  We didn’t want to inconvenience Vince and suggested we could find some place to camp, but he reassured us that it would be fine.  Vince rides a motorcycle as well. 

The training facility.  The building in the center is the barracks and classroom and the building to the right is where they get in and out of their gear.  It worked out really well because this will give me the time to fully recover from my sickness.

This is where they torch the place and conduct their training

Amanda striking the universal pose of being lit on fire

Going up the rappelling tower

A view from above.  The cars are used to conduct their Jaws of Life training and getting people out or simply torching it and putting the fire out.

Enjoying the sunset from an unusual vantage point

Cooking up a storm on a hot plate

Macaroni & cheese with diced hot dogs; a classic

Fresh fruit to aid in recovery

110 km

Cable ran its course.

Fireman to the rescue!

Arson’s paradise. 

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