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September 11th-12th, 2010

No need to wait for the alarm clock to ring this morning; the sound of wind and rain was enough to wake us up.  Archimedes and Deya were early risers and were set on continuing despite the wet weather.  Amanda and I on the other hand were in no hurry to ride in the rain and decided to sleep in for an extra hour or two.  We wished them both a safe journey.  

The rain died down to a drizzle and we decided to seize the opportunity to break camp and not get too wet.  Packing the tent in gusty winds brought back good memories of ol’ Groundhog Hill back when we were holed up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Packing the tent today proved to be a bit challenging, but was nothing compared to what went down on Groundhog Hill.  I think it’ll take a tornado to top the windy conditions we experienced. 

Today we ride due west and our game plan for the next couple of days is to visit a family friend of Amanda’s in Hopewell.  Wayne & Yvonne are originally from Strathroy, Ontario and had moved out east for work. 

We stopped in a town called Antigonish and picked up supper at the Canadian Superstore.  It started to rain again and we decided to wait it out.  We kept ourselves occupied by perusing the magazine section and keeping up with current events.  By the time the rain had stopped, the sun had already gone down and we decided to stealth camp out back.  This picture was taken the next morning; ironically enough we camped next to Wal-Mart. 

The next day we spent the majority of our time exploring the small towns of New Glasgow and Stellarton.  We stopped at the library to keep in contact with family and friends and updated the ride report.  Here we are at another Canadian Superstore treating ourselves to a deluxe pizza.

Doing my daily brain exercises on Amanda’s cell phone by playing the game Brain Genius. 

We got a hold of Yvonne and found out that she works weekends so we decided to camp an extra day on the outskirts of Hopewell.  We managed to find a public baseball field that can only be accessible by walking in.  We were able to squeeze our bikes through the gate. 

We met a couple taking an evening stroll and they pointed out an old bridge nearby worth checking out.  Doesn’t look that old to me…

…oh wait, there’s more than one.  The Hopewell Footbridge is one of the last surviving footbridges in North America built in the 1800s.

This picture was taken by hanging the camera on a wire.  It produced a pretty cool effect.

Hooray!  We crossed the bridge and it didn’t collapse on us! 

244 km

Another wet start.

Fond memories of high winds.

No trolls under here.

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