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September 2nd-3rd, 2010 pt.1

With the clutch cable replaced, we were back on the road.  We thanked Vince for all his help and headed for the provincial capital; St John’s.  Vince invited us to drop by on our way back for a proper Newfoundlander meal at his place; fish & brewis.  

Quick stop at the Terra Nova National Park Visitor’s Centre

We came across a couple of dual sport riders at a gas station who were looking for an axel wrench in a size we didn’t have.  We did however spot a police cruiser who might be of some help.  One of the riders ended up being ADV inmate skibum69; host of the annual Skibum Soiree which was taking place tomorrow near Grates Point.  We were invited to drop by if we were heading up that way.  The police officer ended up having the right tool they needed.

The following pictures were taken the next day because it started to rain heavily when we entered the city limits.  Cold and soaked to the bone, we were in desperate need for something that will help lift our spirits.  We found exactly what the doctor ordered; buffet. 

Being so close to the ocean, it would be foolish not to favor the fresh seafood.  Reminds me of when we first arrived in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Yep, our spirits were lifted…for now at least.  It was here when we found out that our camera had gotten wet while we were riding in the rain and had stopped working.  We’ll give it some time to dry out before we attempt to turn it on again.

Although we were satisfied with our meal, we now have to find a place to camp which can be tricky in the city.  We had the cloak of night to help us out, but we weren’t keen on setting up in wet conditions.  Checking into a motel is not an option at this point after refraining from doing so for the past 11 months; we’re just going to do what we have to do to make it through the night.  We rode around town looking for suitable places and came across a construction yard with an open field.  There was a large garage on the site and an elderly man came out to greet us.  We told him what we’re all about and asked if it was ok for us to pitch a tent out on the field.  We sensed that the old man was having a hard time making a decision.  On one hand he wasn’t sure if it would be safe and on the other he didn’t want us stranded out in the rain.  We made it easy for him by telling him it’s not a problem and thanked him for his time and that we’ll be on our way, but he insisted for us to wait until he could think of a solution.  Eventually he came up with an idea and put us up in the company SUV.  What are the chances of this happening in a larger city? 

This gives our gear a chance to dry out…

…and saves us from packing up a wet tent. 

The next day we rode around town and saw the jelly bean houses of St. John’s…

…and reached the most easterly point in North America…

…also known as Cape Spear

We lucked out by having great weather…

…which gave us the opportunity to take a few nice pics

We were hoping to see icebergs, but we’ll have to wait till next time.

Another monumental moment in the books

429 km

Refuge in a truck.

On the spot invitation.

The final corner.

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