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September 15th, 2010

Today we ride north to a town called Caribou Island to take the ferry to Prince Edward Island.  The toll system that they use to get on the island is unique in that you only pay once; when you get off the island.  Since it’s free to enter, we found out to our advantage that it is much cheaper to enter the island using the ferry because it is much cheaper to exit the island by way of Confederation Bridge on the west side.  Since most visitors enter from the west, they end up paying more using the ferry upon leaving.  Lucky for us, this was not the case. 

We met a rider from Germany on his Honda Trans Alp while waiting to board the ferry

We should be experts at tying down our bikes on ferries by now

Although Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada, it is here in the capital city of Charlottetown where the birthplace of Confederation took place in 1864.  The Charlottetown Conference was the first meeting in the process leading to the Articles of Confederation and the creation of Canada in 1867.

Prince Edward Island is known for its lush agricultural lands, Anne of Green Gables, seafood, and potatoes.

We stopped at the visitor’s centre to congratulate my sister for getting married.  She had a surprise wedding for friends and family, which we initially thought was only going to be a surprise proposal from the groom to be. 

It was raining on and off, but we managed to continue riding through the southeast part of the island before making our way towards Charlottetown.  Not only did we manage to find a place to camp next to a soccer field, it had a porta-potty for us to use as well. 

136 km

Garden of the Gulf.

Named after The Duke of Kent.

Birthplace of nation.

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