Friday, 27 July 2012

September 21st-23rd, 2010 pt.3

After exploring the barracks, we then proceeded to check out the radar towers

Most of them were locked or boarded up

We managed to get inside of this one.  I see someone’s a fan of the film The Shinning.  Heeeeres’s Johnny!

Someone had set up a weather station, but vandals got the better of it. 

I’m glad we decided to pack a picnic lunch because the view from up here was utterly brilliant

Getting past the gates was much easier for everyone the second time around.  There’s that small tree stump Amanda almost landed on when she lost her balance on her first go around.

I’ve humbly accepted that the KLR cannot do the things a true dirt bike can.

…but with time and experience, the KLR can do almost anything. 

We rode back to the house to celebrate our last night here at the Palace and had pitas…

…with rice & ham for supper.

We returned the REI dry bag Canuman had given us at the start of the trip.  It has been with him for many years when he was working as a river guide and has much sentimental value.

Canuman didn’t have to do this, but he gave us another one to replace it.  It’s signed “Not a good substitute, thanks anyway!”   You’re very welcome Canuman!  Thank you!

A few drinks were passed around and…well…you get the idea.

ADV inmates, I salute you!

Mission accomplished!

Jack of all trades, great at none.

Pace yourself woman!

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