Thursday, 5 July 2012

August 30th - September 1st, 2010 pt.3

After our tour of Grand Falls-Windsor in the fire engine, Vince came by later that afternoon on his Honda and took us to see some sights near town

Enjoying the view at Bishop’s Falls

The port of Botwood became a highly militarized Canadian coastal defense base during WWII

Vince let me take his bike for a spin

Only fitting to let Vince try mine

We stopped at the WWII gun battery at Phillips Head

The gun battery was built to defend the airbase from attack

Two 4.7 inch guns that had muzzles about 10 feet long were intended to prevent enemy naval vessels from entering the port.  The shells alone weighed 149 lbs.

There’s a 700 foot underground passage that connected 11 rooms filled with ammunition, secret documents and supplies

2 hidden escape passages were also installed

Amanda’s turn to ride Vince’s bike

It started to get fairly cool at night so we stopped at Tim Horton’s to warm up

We went to the local pizza shop for supper…

…and ordered a Canadian, which is simply substituting pepperoni for Canadian bacon

The extended tour.

Relics of costal defense.

Mighty fine pizza. 

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