Tuesday, 15 November 2011

September 30th, 2009

The day has come at last.  Life on the open road!  I am so psyched!  Crossed the T's dot the I's.  Gear has been checked and double checked, packed and ready to go.  Amanda took the day off to see me off.  She planned to ride with me to Whitby and head back to Orillia where we first met 3 years ago.  She was sad.  We both were.  Suited up, put the brain bucket on, and straddled the iron steed.  That’s when everything began to fall apart.  Rear tire went to mush.  I had replaced the inner tube and rear tire the day before.  I should’ve double checked to make sure it wouldn’t happen.  Luckily my neighbor and good friend of the family got me out of the jam temporarily by hooking me up with an air compressor.  With the tire inflated to what seemed normal, a part of me wanted to say “Screw it!  I’m going anyway!”, but logic and reason got the better of me and told me tires don’t deflate on its own.  Something is wrong.  It was 15:00 and the sun looked like it was starting to go down.  I rushed over to my friend Eddie, who knows a thing or two about motorbikes, to see if he could help.  Poor Amanda.  All she wanted was a nice farewell and all she got was me in full-out business mode.  Cut and dry.  Straight to the point.  I sent her off because it was getting late and I didn’t want her riding in the dark and cold.  It wasn’t the romantic send-off you see in the movies.  I felt bad, but knew I would make up for it with the little gift I left for her back home in Orillia.  Got to Eddie’s, picked up another tube at Snowcity Cycle Marine on the way there, which cost me double the price, got the tire fixed.  The time was 18:30 at this point and I was trying to figure out whether it would be best to sleep on it and head out first thing in the morning.  I had arranged to spend the night in Kingston via Couchsurfing with Jaconette that night and didn’t want to stand her up.  Screw it.  Let’s ride!  Toronto to Kingston is about 3 hours apart.  It was dark by 19:00.  I only have one word to describe riding on the 401 at this time of night—COLD!  I was fortunate enough to have a 16 wheeler to follow for most of the way there.  Helps break the wind, but a wee bit dicey at the same time because any sudden stops and you’ll see my face plastered to the rear end of the moving behemoth.  Arrived in Kingston at about 21:40 and I could hardly feel my legs.  I just kept thinking to myself “What have I gotten into?”  I met Jaconette in a pub called The Mansion.  It so happens that Wednesday night is square dancing night!  I was well dressed for the occasion mind you, all clad in leather, sure enough I had a couple of odd looks coming my way as soon as I entered the premises.  So Jaconette and I had met, we danced, and shared our views about the world and how its resources could be utilized more efficiently.  She earned her PhD in bio-energy.  I think I was outclassed when it comes to discussions on that subject matter.  All in all it was a great night and I couldn’t wait for the next morning. I missed Amanda already.   Next stop:  USA! 

Ride on Interstate?

The sun sets on falling leaves.

Finger tips are numb.

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