Sunday, 27 November 2011

October 16th, 2009

Big day today; can’t waste any of it sleeping.  Gotta stay sharp.  Riding into our first mega city sprawl will require the spidey senses working on all six.  People have advised us that riding into Boston was not an easy task if you’re not familiar with the area.   Time to find out.  Riding light today.  Yessssssss.  It’s like hiking without having to lug the rucksack on your back.  Camera is all we need for this day trip.  Here we go.

Getting the steeds primed and ready to go

Nashua to Boston.  No interstates.  All back roads.  Let the gps do all the work while we soak up the scenery.  Stopped by at REI to pick up another Thermarest for the lady friend.  Did some wheeling and dealing and managed to snag one for an unbelievable price.  Didn’t have anything to carry it with on the bike so I sat on it while riding.  Added an extra 5 inches of seat height…now I know how Amanda feels; tip toeing at every stop light. 

Thermarest!  Thanks for the tip Canuman.  A little too excited are we?  For the price we got it for, you'd be too!

Back on the road again.  Sprawl is starting to reach out.  Stop lights at every intersection.  Cars are getting a little faster and more aggressive.  You ready?  Take a deep breath.  Here we go…..left, right, can’t turn that way!, one way streets, streets are getting narrower, bastard cut me off!, dodgy area!, gps taking me in circles, make a left here, $7 toll for each bike!, underground tunnel, where are we?, we gotta turn around, this place looks familiar, watch out for that truck!, that guy’s gonna open his door, why are we back at the $7 toll again? DING DING DING!  Time to throw in the towel.  We’ve been riding around in circles for two hours now trying to find the Freedon Trail.  Better cash out now before the house takes it all.  With our tails between our legs, we rode back to RockyNH’s. 

Stopped to take a few pics.  This may be the only opportunity we have...

...sorry, no clam chowder by the sea shore :(

Famished!  8 piece fried chicken from Shaw's will do the trick

The car exhaust fumes.

Fried chicken on a park bench.

Boston out we go!


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