Monday, 28 November 2011

October 17th-18th, 2009

Rest day.  Needed some time to shake off defeat.  Hung out with RockyNH and family, checked out the pumpkin fair, and finished the day with a wonderful steak dinner. 

That's a whole lot of pumpkin pie!

The next day we had planned to catch the Pats game, but that idea was scratched when RockyNH offered to take us to see the Yankee Siege trebuchet in Greenfield.  How often do you see pumpkins being tossed 100 yards at a castle?  Football can wait.  The plan was to meet up with the Rolling Thunder crew at Parker’s Maple Barn to have breakfast and then head out to Greenfield.  The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club…Amanda and I have never hung out with members of a motorcycle club before so this shall be an interesting first experience.  We rode out to Parker’s early in the morning and it started to spit a little, add a little cold to the mix and you got a long day ahead. 

At the footsteps of Parker's Maple Barn

Amanda and I had to share this meal.  Sooooo good.

On our way to the gift shop

Shall we palaver?

Amanda expressing herself without speaking

An interesting iron steed

Hanging out with the Rolling Thunder crew was a wonderful experience.  They were very friendly and down to earth.  Watching them all come together was like watching a family reunion at Thanksgiving.  I also liked the leather jackets and vests they were all wearing with different kinds of patches sewn into them.  Maybe someday Amanda and I will start our own club…

By the time we finished breakfast the weather had gotten worse.  Strapped on the rain gear and off we went.  The trebuchet was quite grand to see in the flesh.  Unfortunately the weather had scared off all the operators so we didn’t get to witness pumpkins chucked into the air. 

The Yankee Siege

Yeeesh!  I wouldn't want to get in the way of that thing!

Riding to breakfast.

Pancakes the size of your face.

Broken belt buckle.


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