Wednesday, 16 November 2011

October 1st, 2009

Woke up this morning and took a deep breath of fresh air.  Now that’s brisk baby!  Dark skies, chance of rain, no problem.  Got the Wally World triple-XL rain gear stashed in my realtree camo saddle bags.  I figure I’d blend in with my surroundings being hunting season and all.  Last night at the pub a lady recommended taking the ferry to Wolfe Island, then take another ferry across to Cape Vincent.  My original game plan was to cross at the Thousand Island bridge, but since either route required a toll I decided to take the ferry instead.  Best thing of all it was free to take the ferry from Kingston to Wolfe Island.

Ferry from Kingston, Ontario to Wolfe Island

A view from the upper deck

As I pulled up to wait in line for the ferry to Wolfe Island, I thought I’d chit chat with the lady in the car parked behind me to pass the time.  I told her what I was doing and she thought it was amazing.  She was a school teacher and commuted everyday to the island.  After a brief exchange she politely excused herself because she had papers to mark and the time on the boat was usually the time she would do that.  It just dawned on me that here was a perfectly normal woman doing what she needed to do to make ends meet.  Not sure if she really was happy with what she was doing, but sure enough she was doing it.  At some point after this trip I would need to think about that…but not right now.  No way!  I got too much life in front of me to think about that rubbish!  Ferry docked, rode the steed to the front, took a seat on the upper deck to take in the view.  That’s when a tidal wave of emotions hit me like a sack of potatoes.  I sat there and tears began to fall.  I thought about my friends and family, but most of all I thought about Amanda.  I thought about how great it would be if she was here to see what I’m seeing right at this very moment.  It was beautiful.  I laminated a picture of her and taped it to the windshield of my bike so that I could talk to her whenever I was bored on a long stretch of road.  I glanced over to see her from the upper deck and more tears would roll down my cheeks.  Sheesh!  I thought I was made of sterner stuff. I wiped away my tears and told myself not to let my emotions get the better of me again.  I thought about the trip and what was coming ahead.  I needed to be strong.  The Adirondacks were drawing near.  I felt it.  A wry smile formed at the corners of my lips.  I’M BACK!

Ferry from Wolfe Island to Cape Vincent, New York

Me on the ferry, USA bound!  Notice the realtree saddle bag?  Of course you can't!  It's realtree!
Family and friends gone.

Single tear rolls down thy cheek.

I am now a man.

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