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October 15th, 2009

Last night we met Fire Escape and family.  Right from the get-go we pushed Amanda’s bike into the garage, jacked it up, and started working on replacing the chain.  What a learning experience.  Can’t say that I’ve done it before, I have the Clymer manual with me and what would’ve probably turn out to be a two-hour-plus job for me to do became much less with the help of Fire Escape.  He had all the goodies to do all kinds of work on a bike. 

A little bit of maintenance in the stable
Had no luck finding oil.  Fire Escape suggested we head out to Freedom Cycles early in the morning in Concord to pick some up.  We called it a day and had some grub at the local pizzeria.  Shot the breeze for a bit and headed back home.  For desert we had some delicious home-made brownies Fire Escape’s wife had made for us.  The camper we stayed in was super warm and comfortable.  It made me want to trash the idea of ever purchasing a house and just live on the road like a nomad full-time.  I guess living on the road is starting to make me go bonkers. 

Woke up this morning to the sound of idling motorcycles.  Went outside to see what’s going on and there she was…the Triumph Scrambler!  Fire Escape granted me the privilege of taking her out for a spin.  What a treat!  I always had a soft spot for Triumphs and only dreamed of ever owning one, let alone ride one.  In the spirit of Brando and McQueen, I straddled her as cool as I can be and felt like a movie star.  I have ridden two bikes in my lifetime:  a GZ250 and the KLR.  Words can’t even describe the difference in speed and handling of the Scrambler compared to what I’ve ridden.  We rode out to Freedom Cycles, Fire Escape on his Harley with Amanda riding pillion, me on the Scrambler solo.  First thing I immediately noticed was riding without handguards and my fingers paid the price, but I was having so much fun my brain didn’t even register what cold was.  I lied.  My fingers froze to death.  We picked up the oil, rode back to the garage and finished the job. 

The Scrambler and the Harley

Trying to look cool beside the Scrambler

Parked in front of Freedom Cycles

Fire Escape had an engagement he had to tend to so we said our goodbyes.  He also played a HUGE part in helping us acquire heated gloves!  The only thing we need were wires to connect them to the battery.  Had lunch with Fire Escape’s wife and it was there for the first time we heard the infamous Bostonian accent.  I sense we’re making some progress southwards.  Stopped by at a motorcycle shop to pick up some SAE wires for the heated gloves.  Worked like a charm.  Best thing since sliced bread.  To those who own heated gloves...try and recall the first time you tried these bad boys on?  Words can’t even describe the feeling.  With one pair, Amanda and I take turns when the weather gets chilly.  With warm toasty fingers, we proceeded onwards to Nashua, NH to meet up with RockyNH.

Installing the SAE wiring to the battery

Anxious to see how these gloves work

Forgot to mention Fire Escape is a snowbird.  He invited us to meet up with him in Florida sometime in December.  Is that awesome or what? 

Cold, angry rider.

Heated gloves are invented.

Warm, happy rider.

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