Wednesday, 23 November 2011

October 13th, 2009

Pulled up into the garage, noticed he rode a KLR also.  We’re in good hands.  NikonVT…tall…much younger looking than I had originally expected.  Judging by the tattoos on his adv avatar I envisioned this guy with scraggily long salt & peppered hair with the matching beard, sleeveless jean jacket, biker boots, cigarette hanging on the corner of his mouth.  Picture Sam Elliott from the movie Road House.  That’s what I had envisioned.  NikonVT was the complete opposite.  Cool & down to earth.  After showing us in and making all the introductions to the family, we talked about the game plan over the next couple of days.  He mentioned that it was calling for rain all day tomorrow and that we were welcome to stay an extra day till the weather clears up.  After riding in the cold for the past couple of hours, we were leaning towards his invitation.  What caught us off guard for a second was the fact that NikonVT gave us free range over the house the next morning.  He and his wife were out to work while we hung out all day at the house.  Most people, and understandably so, would kick us out and then have us back when they were back from work.  This was not the case.  It’s weird to have someone who is that trustworthy in these times.  It’s nice to know that they still exist.  NikonVT made a good point in that if we wanted to steal anything, there would be no place to put it.  It was later revealed that NikonVT had the connections to track us down if we tried anything funny.  NikonVT.  Great guy.  We spent the day while they were out to work in Bristol to buy groceries for dinner and walking around the small town.  Didn’t mind the rain because we decided to use our legs to walk for a change.  Later on that afternoon Amanda decided to take the dog out for a walk while I stayed back at the house to adjust Amanda’s motorbike chain.  It was toast.  We needed to replace it ASAP.  After a nice meal and shootin the breeze afterwards, we said our goodbyes later on that night because both worked very early.  Thank you for sharing your house with us NikonVT. 

NikonVT's humble abode

The stable

The steeds

The morning after in the garage

A cool sidecar rig from mother Russia.  NikonVT was working on a few problems.  Hope he gets her back up and running again.

Just in case you were wondering, the tatoos were of zombies.

Rain falls on pavement.

Sheet of ice forms on water.

Steeds take the day off. 

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