Monday, 14 November 2011


This is a story about a young man who is tired of working for the man and has decided to do something with his life.  My name is Will and I am about to embark on a motorcycle trip that will take me out to the East Coast, down South to Florida, out West to California, up North to Alaska, and back home to Ontario, Canada.  Initially this trip was to be shared with another, but plans seem to always go out the window closer to the day of.  Nothing new here; just a bit of a shock when my girlfriend Amanda decided to bail 2 months prior to departure.  Oh well, what can you do?  I love her to death and I forgive her.  I can't expect her to drop everything and partake on this EPIC ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME!  I mean c'mon!  What was she thinking?  I guess I could wait till she's ready.  Nah, screw it!  I'm going on my own!  Just have to convince myself all the benefits of riding solo and let fear subside.  I need to make sure that when the time comes I get on with it and let nothing hold me back.  So now the time has come and I need to make my move.  On September 30th, 2009 I jumped on my steel horse (arguably a mule to some) and rode off into the sunset. 

The time has come!  One must follow a code,
I all alone must have wits to partake,
Of strength and honor, make cowardice erode,
And live like a Nomad, my life awakes,
When life is so short, don't take for granted,
Too long have I yearned the open road,
The wonderful things the Earth's implanted,
It's about to begin Son!  Lock n' load!
Do take your time, don't go unprepared,
Things will happen, it's inevitable, be scared,
For fear is your friend, it wakes all senses,
Keep it controlled or face consequences,
So what you waitin' for?  Live free or die!
We're burning daylight!  Saddle up!  Let's ride!

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