Tuesday, 22 November 2011

October 12th, 2009

“Reunited and it feels so good.  Reunited cause’ we understood…”  Couldn’t get that tune outta my noggin, but I must say…I feel GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!  Spent yesterday resting Amanda and sharing quality time with Canuman’s family.  Forgot to mention she rode for 11 hours the other day.  Plus she lost a lot of sleep getting her things in order before departure.  Must’ve been hard on her, but I’m sure within a couple of days she’ll be fully recharged.  We camped out in Canuman’s sauna out back.  Let me tell ya…when the place heats up, it really heats up fast.  I had to open the window because it got so hot.

Amanda, Gwendolyn, and I out back in the sauna

If you can't take the heat, better stay outta the kitchen

This morning Amanda and I were set to head down south for Bristol, NH.  We said our goodbyes to Canuman and his lady friend and wished each other well. 5 minutes into it, the cool morning air began to run shivers through my body.  Dang.  It’s gonna be another cold one.  Originally Canuman had suggested we mouse around and ride through the
Kancamangus Hwy
, but had to ditch that plan because of the cold and how fast the sun had started to set.  Instead, at the request of Canuman’s mom, we headed out to Quechee Gorge to take a quick peek.

Quechee Gorge

By the time we jumped back on our saddles the sun was halfway gone by now.  We raced through as safely as we could to get to Bristol.  I hate riding at night.  Especially out in the boons.  I don’t mind city night riding, I actually like it, but out in the boons, I might as well take a car.  It’s pitch black, nothing to see, cold, and you never know when critters start jumping out all over the place.  But there we were, soldiering on in the dark of night trying to reach our destination.  Got to Bristol, gps starts to go beserk.  *%#@!  The darn thing tells me to turn into a road that doesn’t even exist.  Now we’re riding around in circles trying to get the stupid thing to re-route a different route.  After some time we finally get there.  NikonVT….Hmmmmm….judging by his adv avatar, things might get interesting…

Riding in the dark.

Bullwinkle out for his stroll.

Hi Sausage Creature.

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