Sunday, 20 November 2011

October 3rd-9th, 2009

I felt like I slept for ages.  Cozy bed.  Cozy sheets.  Ahhhhh warmth.  Where am I?  Is this the afterlife?  Has my body finally pulled the plug after another cold nights’ sleep and this is where my sub conscious mind has taken me?  No.  I’m at the Palace of the People and the king goes by the name of Canuman.  He took me in and almost immediately I took on the role of apprentice and Canuman my mentor.  I contacted Amanda and finalized the details.  Her last day on the job was on the 9th and was planning to catch up to me first thing in the morning on the 10th.  I had to figure out a way to remain stagnate for a week.  No Problem.  Canuman hooked me up and we hung out for the next 7 days. We had great conversations about life, travels, gear, and motorcycles.  We rode through the mountains with fellow ADV inmate Somerled and best of all, I had a chance to meet Canuman’s family.  I learned a lot from Canuman and I hope not too long from now I will make my return back to the Palace of the People. 

Canuman's trusty steed

Stable of the Palace

A beautiful waterfall in the mountains of Vermont

Too many good roads to decide on

Nice twisty roads of Vermont

One of many covered bridges in Vermont

The mountains and I along with my trusty Kawasaki KLR 650

Unpaved country roads

Rumbling along Victory Road and starting to feel a little remote; can't even imagine what Alaska is going to be like.

The steed posing with the green mountains

Two dudes in the boons.

Motorcycles idling.

A friendship is born.

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