Tuesday, 29 November 2011

October 18th, 2009

After the trebuchet we stopped over at a petrol station to fuel up.  Said our goodbyes to RockyNH and were on our way.  Auburn, MA was our destination and DirtGrlll was our host.  Rain kept falling harder and harder to the point where Amanda couldn’t bear it any longer.  We stopped every 20 minutes at a Dunkin Donuts to warm ourselves up.  Our hands and feet were numb from the cold once again and then all of a sudden…


Bah!  At this point I’m thinking “bring it on!”  It didn’t matter to me, it could’ve rained fireballs because in the end it’s all part of the adventure.  We got to DirtGrlll, but nobody was home. She had warned me about two labs roaming around in the house and that they were super friendly.  Got to the door and boom!  They were all over the window barking like crazy.  At this point I didn’t care if I got bitten.  We were so cold it wouldn’t hurt anyway.  Right at that moment DirtGrll and Kamala showed up.  We made our introductions, watched the Pats game, had some pizza, and called it a night.  Kamala offered to take us into Boston the next morning…only this time in his van.  We couldn’t refuse another opportunity to hit up Boston…and lap up some of that chowder! 

A boston cream donut in Boston

Snow falling from sky.

Hands and feet soaked to the bone.

Blame global warming.

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