Saturday, 19 November 2011

October 2nd, 2009 pt.2

I jumped up onto the computer desk, ripped off my shirt, and right before the librarian had a chance to open her mouth I pitched the pieces of cloth right into her face.  Then I blasted through the library doors and decided to run laps around town singing ding dong the bells are gonna chime!  That’s what should’ve happened in a Hollywood script, but instead I sat in front of the computer screen frozen.  You have to understand I spent the last couple of weeks psyching myself out doing this trip solo.  You can’t turn it on and off as if it was a light switch.  My first initial reaction was that she was overreacting, but then I thought wait a minute!  Is she for real?  Even if she was overreacting how hard could it be for me to push her over the edge and get her to tag along?  That was the original plan all along wasn’t it?  I had to jump on this opportunity.  I text messaged her back telling her you need to do this, this, and this, and you need to bring this, this, and this.  Don’t bring anything else or you’ll be lugging too much weight.  Then I did what I thought was the sensible thing to do.  I told her that I’m thrilled you’ve decided to come, but also to think this one through.  I told her to sleep on it and that I’ll give her a shout when I got a chance.  With a lot on my mind, I continued onwards towards Vermont where Canuman lived.  I decided to take the ferry from Port Kent to Burlington.

A nice view of Ausable Chasm from a bridge near Port Kent

Waiting for the ferry at Port Kent
Got to Port Kent and missed the ferry by 20 minutes.  Waited around for the next one.  Chit chatted with the locals to pass the time.  It was starting to get dark by the time the ferry had arrived.  While onboard, and elderly man invited me into his car while we crossed Lake Champlain.  He was doing an adventure of his own as well.  His goal was to visit all the national parks while he was still in good health.  I admired that about him.  It’s never too late to do anything in life.  Arrived in Burlington just in time for rush hour traffic.  Minutes later it started to spit a little.  Just what I needed.  With the gps programmed for Sutton, I rode with extra caution.  I usually avoid riding at this time of day, especially out in the boons.  You never know what critters might jump out in front of you.  By the time I reached Sutton it was pitch black.  The gps pointed me in the right direction, but I was very apprehensive.  I could barely make out the front gate of the driveway.  I noticed it was long, narrow, and dark.  About 100 yards ahead I saw a light and a silhouette of a large burly man in front of it who goes by the username Canuman.  In the dark deep places of my demented mind…I started to hear the banjos playing…

The brisk air of night.

Small hairs on your neck erect.

Mommy where are you?

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