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October 19th, 2009

Woke up this morning feeling all warm and fuzzy.  After yesterday’s snow dump on us, it feels so good getting out of it in retrospect.  What time is it?  Crap.  Kamala is gonna be here any minute.  Time to get ready.  It’ll take us 2 seconds because we don’t have to gear up.  Going in Kamala’s van today!  After our last attempt in Boston on our motorbikes, I feel much relieved that we can soak it all in without having to worry about jumping over cars in one-way traffic.  Said our goodbyes to the pups Hanna and Muttley and off we went.

First stop: Thoreau House Replica near Walden Pond

"The shot heard 'round the world" The 1836 monument at North Bridge in Concord commemorating the beginning of the American Revolution in 1775

The Minute Man Statue

Another view of the bridge from the north side

Statue of John Parker at Lexington Common

Posing with John

It felt neat to be in the area where it all started and what sparked the American Revolution.  It's weird, but it doesn't feel all that too long ago and to see how people lived compared to how we live I wonder what the world is gonna be like when we're 70 years old.  If wasn’t for DirtGrlll and Kamala, experiencing this would never had happened.  Stomachs are growlin.  Time to pick up DirtGrlll and get some chow…chowder that is.

The prestigious MIT off in the distance in the hustle & bustle of Boston...

...skyline view...

...CHOWDER!  Here at a place called No Name Restaurant literally right next to the pier where the fish is hauled in.

Seafood chowder...

...fisherman by the pier... on the plate!

After lunch, DirtGrlll went back to work and the three of us continued onwards toward the Freedom Trail.

Boston City Hall

John Hancock's grave with a group of US coast guards led by a re-enactor...

...and whaddaya know!  A re-enactor!

Oh yes...what Samuel Adams is famous for...

Facing the opposition

This is what you see on the sidewalks periodically on the Freedom Trail

I feel...I don't know...what do you call it...


Live entertainment along the way
What goodies can we find in here?

Some historic facts passed along

The USS Constitution

This is how they would sleep aboard the Constitution

We wrapped the day over a nice spaghetti dinner and shot the breeze over what was to come next…Gloucester.  Time to capture The Perfect Storm moment.  I felt bad that DirtGrll had to work the next day and couldn’t join us…

To Boston by van!

Saw what we needed to see.

Made it out alive.

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