Saturday, 26 November 2011

October 15th, 2009 pt.2

Rode into Nashua with little to no problems.  Riding with heated gloves makes all the difference in the world.  We stopped by at the Nashua public library and contacted RockyNH.  It was about 17:00 I think and our stomachs were growling like angry dogs.  RockyNH met us at the library on his BMW GS650.  Nice ride.  What I found neat was how he utilized those John Deere manual canisters on his ride.  They were mounted neatly on the back of his matching black panniers with ADV decals strategically affixed so they reflected when following from behind.  Great way to store tools and extra fuel.  We had chow at Denny’s, met up with RockyNH’s wife and shot the breeze over a decent meal.  Opted for the all day breakfast to get the most bang out of our buck.  Had grits for the first time…can’t say that it was an amazing experience.  I only ordered them because I was curious of what grits are when I heard about them for the first time from the movie “My Cousin Vinny”.  Have to give grits a second chance when I head further south.  When we finished our meal and were getting ready to leave, I was down on one knee getting my gear on when a fellow rider from a Christian motorcycle club brought us into a huddle right then and there and prayed for us.  I felt like a knight in shinning armor getting ready for battle.  It felt cool.  I think we’ll take everything we can to help us get through this trip including prayers.  We rode to RockNH’s home and met the rest of the family:  Herbie, Snuggles, and the wild one—Jingles.  After RockyNH showed us around his pad, we called it a night.  We need all the rest we can get because tomorrow… we’re riding into Boston!

Casa RockyNH

The ocean breeze air.

Calm chowder by the sea shore.

Boston here we come!

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