Saturday, 11 February 2012

January 27th-31st, 2010 pt.6

This morning we decided to take the dirt road leaving the park; we figure we needed all the experience we could get riding in the dirt.  Don’t know when we’re gonna be back down this way so we better make the most of it while we can.
This pic was taken at the west entrance near Study Butte.  It was here that we found out our air compressor wasn’t working. 

Snagged this pic at the Study Butte store where we fueled up and aired our tires back to spec.
Riding on Route 170 towards Presidio was stunning.
I saw these teepees in a video game called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and was wondering if we would come across them on our journey.  Lo and behold!
There was hardly any oncoming traffic...
...which was a good thing because we couldn't keep our eyes on the road.
Poof!  The mountains were gone.
We rode into Presidio and grabbed a quick bite at the Dollar General.  There were a lot of Mexicans and people from all over surprisingly enough.  There was a man from Alaska who comes down here every year to escape the unforgiving winter and a couple from Ontario.  We also came across a few border patrol checkpoints to make sure we weren’t smuggling illegal immigrants into the country. 
We're burning daylight!  Destination: Guadalupe Mountains National Park!

447 km

Sad to say goodbye.
Eagle soars past mountain range.
Poor man’s happy meal.

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