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January 22nd-26th, 2010 pt.3

Sunday, January 24th 2010.  My 30th birthday.  I’ve always wanted to do something big before I hit 30 and to make it all the way down to San Antonio in good spirits did it for me.  I was never one to make a big fuss over my birthday.  Don’t really want to be reminded that I’m getting older, but for this particular milestone, we’re going to celebrate in Corpus Christi down at Padre Island National Seashore.  But first…
Sunday mass at Cornerstone Church with John Hagee.  Some of you might recognize him from television.

The place was jam packed
John Hagee has a unique way of speaking.  Somehow I managed to fall asleep amidst all of the excitement.
After the service we went back to DanC’s to grab our camping gear.  He had no problem with us leaving the bulk of our stuff at his house since we’re only going to be out for one night.  To Corpus Christi!
We stopped at Dairy Queen for a break and met a family who were fascinated with our journey.  When they found out that it was my birthday, they bought us each a burger combo.  We in turn were fascinated with their story about their son, who overcame many challenges in life by keeping the faith.  They prayed that we have a safe and successful journey. 

We arrived at Padre Island National Seashore in darkness.  Only the stars and faint glimmer of a nearby city lit the dark skies.  I was ticked off for leaving San Antonio so late because now we have to find a place to set up our tent in the dark, which is tricky when you want to stealth camp.  I managed to snag a few good shots though.

Amanda becoming familiar with the local wildlife

We decided to pitch our tent by the shore when all of a sudden a park ranger pulls in with his SUV.  Uh oh…busted!  Turns out that it’s free to camp on the shore at this time of year.  All we needed to do is register at the office the next morning.  Phew!
We set up our tent, started a fire, had a boil-in-the-bag for dinner and enjoyed the moment.  For some reason I was craving for sweets and asked Amanda if she brought the leftover cupcakes we had last night for my birthday.  Sorry out of luck.  Argh!  That would’ve made the night perfect.  Then Amanda walks over to her bike to grab something.  When I see her coming back, I notice she’s walking towards me backwards.  Is she trying to freak me out or something?  She turns around and in her hands is a Spiderman birthday cake.  Hurray!  The perfect birthday!
Mmmmmmmmmmm!  This is gonna hit the spot!  See that Spiderman figurine on top of the cake?  I’m gonna make it my mascot and attach it to my bike.

Thank you Amanda.  I don't think I'll ever forget the day I turned 30 years old.

269 km

3 decades gone by.
Still feeling like I’m sixteen.
Where does the time go?

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