Thursday, 9 February 2012

January 27th-31st, 2010 pt.4

Today we’re going to check out Mariscal Mine; a deserted mining compound back in the 1900s that produced 1, 400 seventy-six pound flasks of mercury—nearly one quarter of the total produced in the U.S.!  We started the day off with some nuts for breakfast and scrapping off mud from the bikes. 

A little dirt won't hurt anyone.
A volunteer park ranger came by to check up on us; taught us how to look for the berries on a prickly pear cactus which are edible.
Wouldn't want to wipeout into one of these things.
Breaking camp

Back on the road!  I love the fact that only certain vehicles can enter this side of the park.  That's why dual sport is the way to go baby!

We made it!  I noticed Amanda is a bit more hesitant on the throttle after her spill yesterday evening.
Moments later we spot a grey Jimmy behind's Mike & Alyssa!
An old relic from the 1920s.  I can't imagine how they drove it in here.
Getting closer to the mine

Here we are at the top of the mine.  You can see miles and miles all around you and the view was spectacular as ever!

A star cactus.  A species highly prized by cactus enthusiasts.
There were many tunnels boarded up to keep us out of trouble.  The four of us spent some time dropping rocks down this big tunnel to see how far it went down.
Our bikes were merely a speck of red dots looking down from up here.

Time to get a move on.  We didn’t want to make the same mistake and have to ride in the dark to get to our campsite.  20 km might not be much, but our skill level on this terrain could take us awhile.  This milestone ensures we’re going in the right direction. 

Sun's going down.  We better hurry.
Phew.  Arrived just in time to enjoy the sunset.
Couldn't have asked for a better spot to lay our heads.
Silly Amanda in her silly ways.  Your eyes are a bit red, must be the dry air.

Nerves a bit shaky.
Fellowship reunited.
Beautiful sunset. 

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