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February 11th-15th, 2010 pt.2

Amanda woke up this morning with a mild case of valley fever, a lung infection common in the Southwest where temperatures are high and the soils are dry.  She must’ve caught it hiking up the mountain yesterday.  I’m confident that Amanda’s immune system will fight it off.  Today Judoka is taking us on a mini excursion along the Apache Trail.  We decided Amanda and I are going to ride two-up on her bike while Judoka rides his Honda XR650.  Don’t want to take any chances with the chain on my bike snapping and locking up the rear tire on me. 
A short break to soak in the wonderful landscape...
...and another

It's nice to be able to sit back and not worry about what's in front of you.  There's Judoka ripping it up on his XR
We stopped to check Amanda’s breaks.  She says it felt extremely soft all of a sudden.  Judoka suggested it was the dust on the rotor that’s causing it; it can be easily washed off.  I guess it doesn’t help with me on the back either. 

After a full day of riding, we all decided to call it a day.  We pulled over on a dirt road and found a place to camp.  With all this open country, it wasn’t difficult at all.  After we had set up our tents, Judoka rode to the nearest town to get a few bottles of vino.  Meanwhile, a park ranger pulls in and asks us if we knew a guy in a blue riding suit.  Uh oh, is Judoka in trouble?  Did he get into an accident?  Those were the first thoughts that jumped into my mind.  The ranger then pulls out a motorcycle license plate and hands it over to us.  “Found this on the road as he was passing by.  Thought he might want it back.”   Phew!  Got us all worried for nothing.   
It was dark by the time Judoka came back and Amanda and I had built a nice toasty campfire.  We all sat around the fire sipping on vino and exchanging stories about our adventures.  At one point, Judoka taught us how to boil water over a fire using a plastic water bottle.  We didn’t believe him at first, but sure enough the water boiled and only the top part of the bottle melted.
I love this pic!  Judoka flipping the ADV salute and me looking like someone from outer space.
The next morning we continued along the Apache Trail to Roosevelt Dam.  Nature called and I needed to use the restroom.  Amanda couldn’t resist taking a picture of me in my vulnerable state. 

It was hilarious that THIS guy walked in the men's restroom as Amanda was taking the picture of me on the can.  He must've thought we were nuts.
Roosevelt Dam
A quick peek to check where we are.
Judoka with Roosevelt Dam Bridge in the backdrop
Took a short break so Judoka can call his wife and let her know we're on our way home.  It was Valentine's Day after all.
Rode by the infamous Jakes Corner Bar
Should we take dirt or pavement?  Better stick with pavement.  Don't want to take any more time away from Judoka and his wife on Valentine's Day.

Land of Apache.
A new way to boil water. 
Sure it’s drinkable? 

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