Sunday, 5 February 2012

January 22nd-26th, 2010 pt.5

Due to conflicting schedules, we had to leave DanC’s early the next morning.  It was quite chilly so we rode to the nearest Cracker Barrel to warm up. 
An omelette served with biscuits
Our waiter bought my breakfast after finding out it was my birthday the day before yesterday
It just dawned on me that our footpegs were still in the mail en route to DanC’s.  We figure it should be in the mail by today so we killed time at a library nearby to catch up on the ride report.  We rode back to DanC’s later that evening to see if our footpegs have arrived.  Yes!  Right on schedule.  Too bad it couldn’t be earlier because there’s hardly any light in the sky and we try not to ride in the dark if we can help it.  Screw it.  We’ll spend the night back at the library and have a fresh start in the morning. 

An early birthday present for Amanda...
...I wonder what this might be?...
A GoGirl!...What's a GoGirl?
Oh...that's a GoGirl.
Let's not waste any time getting these bad boys on.  I'm sure they'll come in handy soon.
Out with the old... with the new.
Amanda has the potential to be a fantastic poker player.  Just take a look at that poker face!
Getting late now...must...keep...updating...

Warm meal at no cost.
Upgrades received in the mail.
We can have sword fights!

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