Wednesday, 22 February 2012

February 11th-15th, 2010 pt.4

Chain and sprockets came in today!  WooHoo!  Looks like we’re gonna be back on the road again…if only it was that easy.  I read somewhere on forum that taking off the sprockets for the first time is next to impossible without using a torque wrench for the nut; something neither Judoka or I carry.  Only one way to find out if this is true.  After nearly an hour or more trying to wrench the darn counter sprocket off, we decided that yes, it is impossible without a torque wrench.  I’ll store that tidbit of information for the next poor chap who owns a KLR and think they can muscle it off.  Save them the time and energy.  Judoka suggested a garage close by that would help us out, which they happily did free of charge.   
$#@!  I forgot I had an endless chain on...
...this might take longer than expected.
While I was busy hacking away, Amanda thought it might be a good idea to roll my bike over a mat to collect the metal shavings and keep the garage floor clean.  She pushes the bike forward to get it off the center stand and…CLUNK.  She forgot the rear wheel was off…
...and paid the price also.  Ouch!  That must've hurt.
After another hour or so trying to hack this bloody chain off, I realize that this isn’t going to work.  “What’s the next plan of attack genius?” I thought to myself.  Judoka suggested ADV.  Of course!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Judoka posted and HilSlammer answered our cry for help.  We rode over to his place, which was close by, and picked up a grinder, chain breaker, chain press, and gear puller.  You gotta love the camaraderie-ship of ADV.
This was so much easier.
Mission accomplished!  Time to wrap it up and call it a day.
Our last meal and evening with Judoka and his family.  We ended the night watching old school UFC fights then falling asleep halfway through G.I. Joe.

Time for some wrenchin’. 
Hard to balance on one wheel.
Ok, what’s plan B?

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