Thursday, 16 February 2012

February 7th, 2010

Amanda likes to tell people I’m a cowboy at heart and she’s right; I do feel that way at times.  Eating a can of beans over an open fire, riding off into the sunset—the simple pleasures in life.  Today we’re riding into Tombstone, Arizona on our iron steeds and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be feeling like a cowboy.  Yeeeee Haw!

We're here!
Wyatt Earp statue
Joining the service at Tombstone Cowboy Church
We saw a man all decked out in his Sunday best cowboy style!  He even carried a six-shooter at the hip.
Is that a pistol underneath that poncho or you're just happy to see me?
The town was surprisingly empty...
...maybe Superbowl XLIV being held today in Miami had something to do with it.
There were many costumed actors walking up and down the main strip, one of them gave us a tip on how to watch a gunfight show without having to pay the entrance fee...
Tell'em we're going to the restaurant for a drink...
...then watch from a distance.

Careful Amanda, Doc Holiday is one tricky son of a gun.
Amanda posing with a buffalo in a souvenir shop.  I bought badges for the both of us and a set of throwing knives for myself when we're out in the bush with nothing else to do.
One last pose at the infamous gunfight site before we head out

A town of legend.
Clinking of spurs down the street.
New sheriff in town. 

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