Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January 22nd-26th, 2010 pt.1

Our next destination was San Antonio, TX.  We contacted DanC on the tent space thread to see if it was ok to camp in his yard.  We also asked if it was ok to ship parts to his address in advance.  Said it was no problem.  I took the plunge and ordered the footpegs for the both of us on eBay.  I also ordered an early birthday gift for Amanda.  Can’t wait to see her reaction when she opens it.
Fill her up please.  Stopped over for gas on our way to San Antonio.  A little too over cautious maybe?
Oh look!  Our first encounter with cacti in the wild.
Are you bleeding?  Are you bleeding?...Yeah, you're bleeding.
A Maxxis M6006 dual sport tire strapped neatly on the milk crate.  Boxermoose hooked Amanda up with an extra front tire he wasn't using.
One of the many ranches we passed by on our way to San Antonio
The Alamo Mission
316 km

Hmm, upgrades.  Can’t wait.
Remember the Alamo!
Yes, cacti do that.

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