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February 11th-15th, 2010 pt.1

We’re so thankful for Judoka (and everyone else who invited us of course) to have invited us over to stay with him and his family.  Being on the road for the past few days camping in various elevations and temperatures has finally taken its toll on us.  The timing couldn’t have been more convenient; we were beat and we needed a little R&R.  We spent today resting and hanging out with Judoka; totally unproductive other than the fact that we get to be still and not have to worry about where to stealth camp for the night. 
Judoka's humble abode
To make up for yesterday’s laziness, we’ve decided to tag along with Judoka and hike up a mountain today.  Judoka’s a personal trainer by trade and had a client he needed to train.  He suggested to switch it up a bit and motivate his client by adding a little friendly competition to the mix—Amanda.  The objective was to see who can get to the top of the mountain first.
I’ve never hiked up a mountain in a desert climate before, so I decided to play it safe and hung back with Judoka and hiked up at a reasonable pace.  Amanda on the other hand, in her usual flair, went balls to the wall and really stepped up to the challenge…well, attempted to at least.  She decided to let me carry the camelback to reduce the load despite being in the desert and that hydrating frequently is probably a better idea than not.  What a trooper!  Amanda would have none of it.  Finish the task at hand, worry about dying of thirst later!  Ok, have it your way; and off they went.  Even at my “reasonable” pace, it was by no means easy.  In fact, it gave me flashbacks of the time we were in Cape Cod climbing up that bloody sand bank!  My legs were burning and sure enough within 10 minutes or so; Amanda’s jog came down to a mere crawl.  I think now she wished she never had let me carry the water.  She’s probably dying of thirst right at this moment.  Heck, I had to take sips every few minutes or so.  Poor girl.  I give her an A for effort though.  Judoka’s client on the other hand did an amazing job.   
Top of the world!  Judoka, Amanda, and Judoka's personal training client.

Overlooking Phoenix, Arizona
"Uh, I think I'm carrying the water on the way down this time."
Another breathtaking view of Phoenix

Ah, much needed rest.
You sure you don’t need water?
Gimme some water! 

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