Friday, 10 February 2012

January 27th-31st, 2010 pt.5

We got a bit of a problem.  We’re running out of water.  The problem with boil-in-the-bags and instant oats is that they require water.  We need to change the way we eat for future excursions in the desert.  Can’t believe we overlooked that one.  Getting soft.  Too many years living in the city and not enough in the wilderness.  Big day ahead of us.  We need to get to Castolon; about 65 kilometers from here.  On this terrain, that could take us all day.  We’ll find drinking water there; we must get to Castolon! 
Rise and shine.  Another beautiful day.
Imagine waking up to this every morning.
Shell fish fossils...all the way out here?
Packed and ready to go!  Let's roll out!
The feeling of knowing that you might go down at any moment was exhausting, especially for Amanda who's still struggling to regain her confidence. 

We decided to take breaks every 10 km to settle our nerves.
Every kilometer covered brought our confidence and spirits up.  We're almost there!  We can do this!

Home free!  Here's the sign on the southwest side of the park before entering River Road. 
First time in our lives where we had to ration water.  Its crazy how much we take for granted.
Back on pavement again...
...heading towards Santa Elena Canyon.
So beautiful!
Let's go explore!
Looking out from within the canyon.
Hard to believe water cut through all of this; makes me wonder what Grand Canyon is gonna look like.
Time to find our campsite
Another fabulous view.
Am I dreaming?  Or are we really here doing this?  This is freakin amazing!
We heard coyotes yipping from a distance.  We took to higher ground to see if we can spot them.
Looks like we got company; probably another visitor on vacation.  It was a little eerie spotting another human being here in the park after riding all day without seeing any signs of civilization whatsoever.
Now that our water stocks have replenished, let's have a boil-in-the-bag shall we?

Hey, don’t drink too much.
Pavement never felt so good.
Drug smuggler maybe?

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