Sunday, 12 February 2012

February 1st, 2010

Last night we rode into Guadalupe Mountains National Park in the dark.  Weren’t sure what the camping is like there, but we assume it was similar to Big Bend; only this time we’re getting up early to pack the tent before the park ranger comes around to collect the fee. 
Coast is clear!  Everything's packed and now we can relax.  If the park ranger asks, we just got here.
As we were about to leave, Amanda noticed something horribly wrong with my rear tire—it was flat.  $#!@ !  The air compressor was toast, so I walk the bike over to the park headquarters to see if they have one.  Luckily they did so we aired the tire back to spec and rode to El Paso; checking the tire frequently along the way.  I assume it was a slow leak since we arrived there without the tire going flat again.  We were invited to stay with WesterlyWinds in El Paso, but we hadn’t planned on arriving so soon.  Originally we were going to visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park for a day or two, but we needed to remedy the flat tire first and foremost and the nearest dealership is in El Paso.  I just hope WesterlyWinds doesn’t mind the short notice. 

Another quintessential park entrance sign photo.  Should've zoomed in a bit.
El Capitan seen in the backdrop stands 8,085 ft... is considered the "signature peak" of West Texas.
Lunch time at Fast Lane!  We had someone randomly approach us, chatted for awhile, then bought our lunch.  It’s strange that we feel awkward accepting money from strangers.  A friend once told us that this will happen and all you can do is say thank you and accept.  This happened in Del Rio also.

6 roll tacos combo with fries and drink all for $3.29!  We hung out at a library afterwards trying to get in contact with WesterlyWinds. 

177 km

Slow leak from front tire.
A peak called El Capitan.
No tools to fix leak. 

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