Sunday, 11 March 2012

March 9th-11th, 2010 pt.3

This morning Amanda and I threw on our running shoes and went out for a run.  We spent the rest of the afternoon doing maintenance work on the bikes.  Amanda’s bike had trouble with cold starts since the beginning of the trip; not sure if there were issues with the carburetor or just bad gas, but mpanther helped take apart the carburetor and gave it a good cleaning.  We also changed Amanda’s front tire; thanks to Boxermoose who had a spare one lying around he wasn’t using. 
Later that evening Amanda, Roo, mpanther, and I had the buffet dinner at the Red Rock Casino.  Las Vegas buffets truly lives up to expectations in every way.
Buffet eating is an art.  mpanther and Roo taught us that pacing is everything.  Uh oh, sushi...must...refrain...from gorging.
The dessert was to die for
Stuffed to the gills; I think I need to lie down so I can actually breathe.
The next day we did a little studying and brushed up on our riding technique.  Any bit of knowledge to boost our confidence for when we tackle the Dalton Highway is always helpful. 
We prepared our tried and true French Canadian dish for our hosts: Poutine.
There’s only so much you can do in Vegas such as gambling, catching a Cirque Du Soleil show, or take part in the various forms of adult entertainment; none of which we had the money or interest for.  But when mpanther and Roo offered to take us to a goth/industrial club, “Hell yeah!” was our immediate response.  What are we going to wear?  No need to worry.  Roo had us covered. 
Tada!  All set and ready to light the town on fire!
One side of the venue had the bar and dance floor, the other side was a smoking lounge.  No, we didn't try any of the flavored tobacco.
When Roo was not dancing, she was up on stage DJ'ing
You wouldn't believe how many people kept shouting "Rufio!  Rufio!  Ru-fi-Oooooooooooo!" as they walked by me.  A night to remember most definitely. 

Extra-hold hair gel.
Sharpie pen for eyeliner.
Blend right in nicely.

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