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March 31st - April 1st, 2010 pt. 3

The two bikes coming towards us were none other than pre-08’ KLRs.  Surprisingly enough the two riders are a married couple, Barney & Kelly, who were on vacation from Taos, New Mexico.  They’re also on ADV under the name KLR FF.  We found out later that FF stood for firefighter; made sense since both of them are firefighters.  We wished them well as they continued on the trail. 

After lunch we pressed on and stopped at a few interesting sites

Hmmmm…yeah, I think I can live here.

Entering Titus Canyon…

…the trail was twisty…

…and narrow at times.

The canyon started to open up towards the end…

…revealing gorgeous scenery. 

We couldn’t help not to notice this beast of a van

Apparently these things can go anywhere, but you better have deep pockets because they don’t come cheap

The interior is quite luxurious

We stopped at Mesquite Flat sand dunes to snap a few pictures and some video coverage

We stopped at a general store at Stovepipe Wells to get some shade as the temperature rose fairly quickly as the day went on.  Next thing we knew, we heard the unmistakable sound of the KLR once again.  Kelly and Barney pulled in to take a short brake also.  I noticed Kelly was wearing the AFX FX-37 dual sport helmet, a helmet I was eyeing on Motorcycle Superstore for awhile now, but couldn’t convince myself to pull the trigger on it because it cost so cheap.  Dual sport helmets are anywhere from $400-$600 and this one was going for $112.  Something can’t be right here, but now that I’m looking at it in the flesh, it’s not all that bad.  I asked Kelly about the helmet and she said it works and feels fine.  Ugh, that’s not what I wanted to hear.  I can’t be spending money frivolously, especially when the helmet I’m wearing now is perfectly fine.  Until the helmet that I’m wearing now breaks, I’m just going to have to hold off on this purchase.

Barney & Kelly graciously invited us over to spend the night at their campsite in Panamint Springs

They had quite the set up.  I know we’ll be needing one of these when our bodies get older; beats sleeping on the cold hard ground that’s for sure.  Enjoy it while you’re young! 

Barney & Kelly took us out to eat at the Panamint Springs Resort where we all had a burger called “The Cardiac Arrest”.  Half pound angus beef patty covered in blue cheese and topped with bacon.  They also had a fine selection of exotic beers.

We finished off the day over a nice toasty campfire, sharing stories (both had raced enduros when they were younger), and listening to fighter planes launching their rockets nearby at China Lake Naval Weapons Center. 

Remember that video we made for Christmas?  Here's the sequel. 

A van on steroids.
Chance meeting great company.
I need a medic! 

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