Tuesday, 13 March 2012

March 12th-13th, 2010 pt.2

 So my plan was this: We get married at a drive thru wedding on the day of our anniversary in Vegas.  Pretty cool huh?  Rolling down the Strip to the Little White Chapel and get married while we’re on our steeds; heck I thought it was a great idea.  Amanda didn’t think so.  The reason why Amanda was hesitant was not because I was moving too fast or I wasn’t the right guy; she didn’t like the idea of getting married in Vegas period.  She thought it was way too cliché and cheesy; the same people that do the drive-thru wedding do the drive-thru divorce the next morning.  It literally took me one second to realize that she was right.  Women are always right, right?  We both agreed that it would be much better to get married out in the middle of nowhere on a mountain top or somewhere with an extraordinary landscape.  It was either going to be somewhere in Lake Mead National Recreation Area or Joshua Tree National Park.  We went with Joshua Tree NP on the basis that the name sounds nicer. 
On our way to Joshua Tree NP via the Mojave Desert
The desert was vast and the road long.  You can see miles and miles ahead.
Came across a few sand dunes
Back on Route 66
An interesting passerby's ritual; the tree of women's undergarments.

This here is the tree of used shoes...or what's left of it. 
What?  I got a booger on my face?  I do don't I?  How come you don't tell me?  Gosh!  Well don't just stand there and stare at it, help me wipe it off!
We met this couple in the park who gave us some tips on where we might find a suitable place to have our little wedding ceremony.
254 km

Things don’t go as planned.
Drive-thru wedding’s a no-go.
You’re fired Elvis. 

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