Monday, 12 March 2012

March 12th-13th, 2010 pt.1

Today was our last day in Vegas.  We started the day late knowing we needed the morning to recover from last night’s festivities.  mpanther took us to see Red Rock Canyon before seeing us off; but this will not be the last time we’ll see of mpanther and Roo which brings me back to the story of the wedding rings that were too big I had mentioned earlier.  Before I decided that I was going to propose, I was confident that Amanda would say yes.  So confident, in fact, that I went ahead and ordered wedding rings online and had them shipped to mpanther’s ahead of time.  Tackling the obstacle of figuring out what ring size Amanda was without giving anything away was extremely difficult.  I pondered about this for some time way back when in Albuquerque.  I researched online and found a website that had a millimeter circumference-to-ring size converter.  All I needed to do was to somehow wrap a piece of string around Amanda’s ring finger without her knowing, mark the length of the string, and then line it up with a ruler to determine how many millimeters in circumference.  Plug that number into the converter and bingo; ring size determined.  Easier said than done, I know.  I came to the conclusion that a swift and direct approach would be the way to go.  One morning while we were staying at Tom’s place in Albuquerque, I woke up to use the restroom while Amanda was still sleeping.  Upon my return, both of us still high off of our MMA experience, decided to wrestle and grapple playfully with her.  I managed to pin her left arm behind her back in a kimura and getting the measurement without her knowing what my true motives were.  In the end, all that effort was a waste of time; just funny memories as the rings were too big when we received them.  On that same note, it solidified how serious I was when I presented them to her as I was sure she wasn’t totally convinced when I proposed to her by the Vegas sign.  I proposed on March 8th, 2010.  Our anniversary is March 15th, 2007.  I told her that same day I proposed to her that we should get married on the 15th in Vegas; the same day we had our first date.  She wasn’t too thrilled at the idea.  Has my master plan been foiled?  I was seriously considering calling the whole thing off…to be continued.  
Applying what we learned in mpanther's backyard
Taking a break from all the excitement.  There was a steep climb we knew better not to attempt.
The three of us on our way to Red Rock Canyon
The views were extraordinary
A lot of motorcyclists were out for a ride today
Many visitors were hiking and rock climbing here
We didn't travel too far from Vegas, but technically we're in a whole new state.  California!
This was where we camped for the night.  I hope we don't get caught in a crossfire during a whack job like in the movie Casino in the middle of the night.
175 km

Rock as red as Mars.
Three whole ring sizes too big.
Vegas, we’ll be back!

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