Saturday, 17 March 2012

March 16th-17th, 2010 pt.2

It was late afternoon and we needed to find a place to camp.  We met a group of bikers visiting Salvation Mountain and at some point in our conversation we asked them if it was safe to camp in Slab City.  They told us it wasn’t safe to camp here and would be better off checking into a motel.  As logical as their advice may have sound, something told me that a second opinion, preferably someone who was more familiar with the area was worth inquiring about.  After all, they were riding expensive Harley’s and I can see why they wouldn’t want to be caught here in the dead of night and risk having someone tamper, or god forbid, scratch their investments. 
What do we do?  Should we ask Leonard if we can sleep in this truck he's not using?

We asked a man who was helping Leonard give away postcards whether or not it was safe to camp in the area.  He introduced himself as Kevin, a social worker who is volunteering his time to help Leonard with whatever he needs.  He told us we can camp in an area near his trailer; a few hundred yards from Salvation Mountain.   He assured us that nobody would bother us there and that if anyone tried, his dogs would keep them at bay. 

With the bikes semi-unloaded, we decided to venture into Slab City
Try to picture a post-apocalyptic world where everything and anything is somehow salvaged and used.  This is Slab City.
I believe this is the only church here in Slab City
The Range, a makeshift performance area is where the entertainment takes place
Apparently Billy Joel had a surprise performance here once
Unfortunately nobody stuck around to watch us perform
We met up with Kevin later on and he gave us a quick tour of Slab City.  Believe it or not, there is an outdoor library called the Tree Lizard Library
The original librarian passed away 7 years ago and is buried next to the entrance
The library hasn't been the same since she passed away
I must say though...the people have kept it in really good shape...
...well organized too!

Living off the grid.
The last free place in the States.
Is there such a place?

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