Monday, 19 March 2012

March 18th-20th, 2010 pt.1

Once again we didn’t need an alarm clock to wake us up; the scorching heat alone was enough to get us out of the tent for some air.  We said our goodbyes to Kevin and Leonard and bade farewell to Slab City one last time.

Today we are on our way to Santa Ana, California to meet up with Asphalt Assault who invited us over to hang out for a few days.  We were to meet him at a restaurant/bar called Original Mike’s where motorcyclists gather every Thursday night. 
We stopped for lunch in a town called Julian not knowing it was a motorcycle hotspot.  It was here where we met Brian & Shira, publishers of Backroads Magazine, which is dedicated to motorcycle touring & adventure. 

There are two things Julian is known for: Their apple pies and homemade soda.  Here we are watching our vanillia coke being made right before our eyes.

We noticed the traffic started to get heavier and aggressive as we headed north on I-5.  It also occurred to me that to my left lies the Pacific Ocean, which neither Amanda nor I have seen before in the flesh.  When we arrived at Original Mike’s we were immediately approached by Asphalt Assault and his friend Nate.  The four of us shot the breeze over food and beer.  Asphalt Assault explained some of the festivities that were going to take place tonight, one of them being a slow race, which is to see who can ride their motorbike through a makeshift course in the greatest amount of time.  This requires good balance, clutch, and rear brake control. 

There was a great turnout, but we didn't get the memo that this event was predominantly for sport bike riders.  I'm sure they won't mind. 
It was hilarious to see the reaction on people's faces as they watched Amanda and I compete in the slow race fully loaded.  Although we didn't win, we didn't finish last, but most importantly we had a great time.
319 km

Homemade soda pop.
Slow and steady wins the race.
We weren’t slow enough.

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