Wednesday, 7 March 2012

March 3rd-7th, 2010 pt.4

Today we’ve decided to hike down into the canyon.  It was a bit chilly, but the day looked great nonetheless.  You can barely see the path down to the bottom in this pic.

We've been told the temperature is much higher when you reach the bottom; that is if you can get there without slipping and breaking your hip.
Uh, I'm not sure we can ride our bikes on the paths.  We better get off before we get cited and receive a massive fine.
A couple of shots with us on the bikes and Grand Canyon in the backdrop

We couldn't believe it; the weather suddenly changed from this... this!  Curses!  The snow keeps following us!
Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, my clutch cable snaps.  Looks like we’re stranded.  Luckily one of the maintenance workers in the park taught me how to pop it into gear as soon as you let up on the throttle.  Amanda helped me get going by giving me a push so I can pop it into first gear without stalling.  She then quickly jumped on her bike and rode ahead of me to stop traffic whenever there was a stop sign as I slowly putted my way back to the house.  Thank goodness the house was not far from the park.  We were frozen to the bone by the time we got back and quickly jumped in the shower to warm up. 

When the weather cleared up, I rode Amanda's bike all the way to Flagstaff to pick up a new clutch cable.  Luckily they had one in stock.
Tonight was our last night here in Grand Canyon.  The three of us had one last meal together and spent the rest of the evening watching the Academy Awards. 

Whiteout conditions.
A clutch cable malfunction.
A new lesson learned.

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