Thursday, 15 March 2012

March 15th, 2010

Today is our 3rd year anniversary and the day Amanda and I tie the knot.  We’re going to need all the energy we can get so let’s start the day off with a nice breakfast.

Once in a blue moon, Amanda managed to pack her things faster than I could.
A few pics of our accommodations

Looks like someone's trying to start another trend here

All packed and ready to go; back to Joshua Tree NP!
Chatting with some of the locals out front where we picked up our wedding cake
Lunch break at our favorite fast food restaurant
We still haven't picked a spot to have the wedding ceremony yet.  Not to worry, we have all afternoon.
Skull Rock might not be the best place to sneak in a wedding ceremony, but neat to visit nevertheless.

After a few hours of scoping out potential areas, we found the perfect spot.  We parked the bikes and hiked a mile towards a cluster of huge boulders in the middle of the desert and began working out the final details.
The wedding cake
The wedding bands
The wedding meal
The Bride & Groom

 I know some of you will say, “Well that’s not a real wedding; it must be ordained by the church.”  True as that may be, legality wise, but to us; it was as real as it gets.  Maybe somewhere down the road we’ll do the whole nine yards, but today will always be remembered as the day Amanda and I got married. 

After we exchanged vows, we had our wedding meal, but first...bubbles!


Every once in a while we'd check up on the bikes with our trusty monocular.
For our first dance, we used an iPod and shared the earphones so that we had music to dance to.

Then we kicked back and watched the sun go down

Mmmmm the cake was yummy too

Last, but not least; we laid down and watched many shooting stars go by.

Just the two of us.
Underneath the big blue sky.
Our perfect wedding.

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