Tuesday, 20 March 2012

March 18th-20th, 2010 pt.2

The next morning we slept in and had brunch at the local In-N-Out burger franchise.  It was greasy good!

Nate, Asphalt Assault, Amanda and I then proceeded to a beach party being held by one of Asphalt Assault’s co-workers at Huntington Beach.  Having much experience in the field, Amanda was in charge of starting the fire. 

Being a Friday night and all, there were many others on the beach doing the same as we were; kicking it back and having a good time.  Once again I had one of those moments where I looked up at the night sky and couldn’t believe we made it all the way to the west coast.  Life is great and I can’t imagine how it will get better than this.  With many more miles ahead of us, time will only tell. 

Alcohol was prohibited on the beach, but that didn’t deter our hosts from being crafty and transferring it into a water cooler.  It was only a matter of time when a beach patrol officer came rolling by in his SUV and spoiled the fun.  On second thought, this was when things started to get interesting.  With so many people on the beach already, we didn’t expect the police officer to single us out but he did.  He approached us and asked one of the girls what she was drinking.  She was drinking a mixed drink and told the officer it was only fruit juice.  The officer called her bluff and began sniffing inside her cup; busted.  He told us all to squat down and put our hands on our heads.  He then began his spiel about how he could take us all in and write us up and that we should’ve been forthcoming.  I really hope we don’t get deported for this.  He then proceeded to empty the water cooler full of alcohol into the sand and that was that.  Party over. 
That didn’t keep us from trucking on!  We all went back to Asphalt Assault’s co worker’s place and played drinking games all night long! 
Beer Pong
Flip Cup
One of the guests in attendance was a regular on Young & the Restless

A night at the beach.
Hands up where I can see’em!
Wanna play King’s Cup?

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