Friday, 2 March 2012

February 18th - March 1st, 2010 pt.7

Alright, time to separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls.  One last MMA smack down with coach Chris Luttrell.  It was all good stuff.  He had us doing exercises you’d never find at your local YMCA.  The PC ethos of the Y would never allow such training methods enter through their doors; this was after all, training methods to make you a better conditioned fighter. 
Our forearms felt like they were lit on fire after pulling ourselves up and down 10x
The ol'sledgehammer smash on a gigantic tire exercise.  Can you imagine missing the tire and hitting your pinky toe?  Ouch!
If our forearms felt like they were on fire, this little nasty exercise made our legs and lungs feel like they were dipped in molten lava.
This final exercise was the nail in the coffin.  For 3 minutes we had to high step on this huge plush mat while 3 people from various angles threw medicine balls of various weight and sizes at you.  After catching the medicine ball, you immediately toss it back at the thrower, sprawl on the mat, get back up, and resume high stepping until the next person launches a cannon ball at you. 

Play time!  Winner via arm bar!
Triangle choke!
Afterwards, Tom, Amanda, and I rewarded ourselves with a few pies at Dion's
Then we headed over to Tom’s girlfriend’s place to watch the much anticipated Olympic hockey finals—USA vs. Canada.  Hands down this was the best game of hockey I’ve ever seen.  Much to our hosts’ disappointment, Canada ended up winning the gold in overtime. 

The four of us went over to Sadie's for drinks to celebrate
The bartender Mateo was heavy handed with the tequila whenever he mixed a margarita for us.
The food here was sooooooooooo good.  It's all about the red and green chilies.

Up for the challenge. 
Slow hands equals ball in face.
Barf bag anyone?

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