Sunday, 3 June 2012

July 3rd, 2010

8 days to go before my cousin’s wedding in Toronto; should be plenty of time if all goes well.  We thanked Beamer Pilot and Gail and proceeded to head east.  We’re hoping to ride to Saskatoon, which means we’ll be riding through the Canadian Prairies.  I’ve talked to a few friends who drove across Canada and they all say that the prairies are boring.  “The land is completely flat and the road can be seen miles and miles ahead of you”.  Of course it is; you drove!  I’ve been looking forward to riding through the prairies for a long time.  

I find the contrast between high mountains and flat land fascinating

Some refer to the Canadian Prairies as a continuation of the Great Plains region of the United States

When nature calls…a truck drove by unexpectedly and honked his horn while Amanda was in the middle of doing her business.  I was supposed to be on the lookout for oncoming traffic, but missed that one because I was rolling on the grass laughing my butt off. 

The neat thing about riding through the prairies is that you can see weather from afar.  Thunder showers on our right…

…and to our left, sun & clouds with a rainbow thrown in for good measure.

We made it to Saskatoon and stopped at a local Boston Pizza to watch a UFC event.  The place was crowded, but we managed to find a table for the two of us to sit.  We noticed a couple standing next to our table watching the fights because all the seats had been taken.  We invited them over to sit with us…

…next thing we knew, we’re over at their place for the after party.  Here, we were introduced to a “beer & clam” for the first time; surprisingly not too bad actually.  Saskatoon is remembered for randomly meeting Donovan & Sarah. 

595 km

When nature calls, squat.

When there are peaks, there’re valleys.

When you give, you get.

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