Wednesday, 27 June 2012

August 23rd, 2010 pt.2

After we helped the lady change her flat tire, we continued riding along the TLH and came across a paved section as we drew closer to Happy Valley-Goose Bay.  Judging by the color, it looks like the road was paved very recently.  Is that it for the TLH?  Tell me it ain’t so!

Pavement didn’t last too long, but it’s only a matter of time the whole highway will be paved.  We stopped at the local grocery store and stocked up on food.

We met this fella at the grocery store and he followed us on his bicycle to the visitor’s centre where we had lunch.  As we were pulling out from the store, the kid was frantically trying to keep up with us, but wiped out in the process.  He was alright though. 

We asked the lady working at the visitor centre if there’s a free place to camp near town and she directed us to Gosling Park, a former campground that’s been abandoned.

After scoping out a few sites, the best spot ended up being the gazebo by the lake; saves me from unpacking the rainfly. 

I think this might be the second or third time Amanda brought out her tape recorder since she bought it back in Washington D.C.

We blew a few bubbles for entertainment…

…watched the sunset…

…had an apple for dessert…

…and watched the moon rise.

280 km

Large sandy plateau.

Former U.S. air force base.

A beautiful night.


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