Tuesday, 26 June 2012

August 23rd, 2010 pt.1

Visibility was very poor due to foggy conditions as I took a quick peek outside this morning; looks like we’re sleeping in then.  The fog started to clear as the sun rose higher in the sky later on in the day.

The guy with the BMW GS who camped near us ended up being ADV inmate 2kool2be4gotten; one of the guys we met at an ADV meet in the Kitchener/Waterloo area at Moose Winooski’s.  He’s on vacation and just happened to cross paths with us once again.  He was on a bit of a time schedule to catch the ferry so he rode ahead. 

We met up with another pair of riders from New York named Mike & John

Looks like this poor fella got the crappy end of the stick.  If this was a fresh kill, I would definitely consider eating it. 

We continued riding along the TLH towards Happy Valley-Goose Bay and came across a few construction crews…

…and came face to face with a life sized Tonka truck

We passed a pickup truck that had blown a tire and decided to turn back to help out

Turns out the lady had no clue she had a flat and had been driving with the flat for some time now

It was hot and the little black flies were relentless, but we managed to get the spare tire on for her.

Of low-lying cloud.

A long way from Waterloo.

Need an extra hand?

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