Wednesday, 13 June 2012

August 8th-9th, 2010

This morning we thanked Lorrain and Guylaine and went on our way.  We rode to Val-d’Or to stock up on food.  We met a man named Ralph at the grocery store who spoke English.  He’s a retired school teacher and told us that it is rare to find English speaking people up in these parts.

We stopped at a small village called Senneterre to take a nap

We woke up and had supper at a park then rode for 40 km and camped on a logging road

The next morning we continued riding along highway 113 and pulled over on an abandoned railway bed to have lunch

We rode into a small town called Chibougamau to top off our fuel tanks and had poutine at McDonald’s

A bee flew up my sleeve and stung me. 

We stumbled upon a free campsite south of Chibougamau

We ate some of the hazelnuts Lorrain had given us.  He warned us about worms hiding inside.

We watched the sunset over a few cups of wine

569 km

Bee stings in defense.

A worm burrows for refuge.

Wine solves all problems. 

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