Tuesday, 19 June 2012

August 12th-15th, 2010 pt. 4

The four of us are heading out to Charles’ chalet today and spending the night there.  We started the day off right with breakfast served with a smile.  

There was hardly ever a dull moment as soon as we got there.  We met a few of Charles close friends and despite the language barrier (not so much for Amanda, her French is not too bad), we all shared the universal language of having a good time. 

Barbeque chicken before…


…and after.

Denis & Isabelle introduced us to “thai dogs”, which is simply using peanut butter and sweet chilli sauce instead of your typical condiments for a hot dog.  Try it, it’s delicious! 

Charles getting ready to take a dip in the river

The water was surprisingly cold, but very refreshing on a hot day like today

Taking the ATV out for a spin

Wild blue berries were in abundance in the surrounding area so we went out and picked them for the rest of the gang.

I have to admit, I was doing more of the eating than the picking

Mr. Potato is here!  Time for our mid-afternoon snack!


…and Mr. Potato fries.

Potato chips…my kryptonite …GET THESE AWAY FROM ME!

Hanging out with the gang

Friendly game of foosball

Our sleeping quarters for the night: The camper van

Are you serious?  Fireworks for tonight?  This just keeps getting better and better!

These instruments look like they came from Cuba

Giggle giggle

Burning the midnight oil and out of control

Off to the chalet!

Laughing till my stomach hurts.

Thai dogs introduced.

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