Thursday, 14 June 2012

August 10th-11th, 2010 pt.1

Today we rode out of the remote areas of northern Quebec and back into civilization in St. Felicien.  We spent a few hours at a library to touch base with friends and family and also took some time to explore the town as well.

Dinner is served.

Luckily we managed to find an ATV road on the outskirts of town.

I don’t think anyone will bother us here.

The next morning we rode to a town called Alma and stopped at Wal-Mart for an oil change.  When we stopped at the grocery store to pick up lunch and dinner, we ran into a fellow KLR rider in the parking lot named Roger.  He was in a bit of a bind because his shifter lever had snapped off.  Luckily I told him that there’s a dealership close by where I picked up an oil filter just minutes ago.  Roger thanked us and asked us to drop by at his ice cream parlor not far from here. 

His ice cream is the best in town and is known for his rice krispies caramel dipped ice cream cones


266 km

Snap, crackle, and pop!

Combine with an ice cream cone.

What a great idea.

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