Sunday, 24 June 2012

August 22nd, 2010 pt.1

This morning brought good weather which made us anxious to get back on the gravel 

Churchill Falls is the home to the second largest underground power station in the world.  We had no clue about this until we arrived there.

Since 1970, the waters of Churchill River have been diverted into the nearby hydroelectric power station.

 What was I thinking?  Taking pictures while riding on a steel grate bridge is probably not the smartest thing to do.

Today happens to be a Sunday and the town was virtually closed.  The only place that was open was the one restaurant in town and the free guided tour into The Churchill Falls Generating Station.  Unfortunately we didn’t know we had to book in advance, let alone know that a tour even existed, and were not able to take the tour at 1:00pm.  Although, we were lucky enough to have two open spots at 7:00pm, which gave us plenty of time to hang around.

Lunch for today is canned sardines on a slice of whole wheat bread

We met up with these two riders Dominique and John, who were taking the same tour at 7:00pm.  We had dinner together at the restaurant.

Amanda and I tried the donair…

…and shared garlic bread sticks drenched in melted butter.

The lady who served us mentioned that the community indoor swimming pool was open, which was a real treat for us because a shower after our dip in the pool is long overdue.

193 km

Corporation town.

Another tour by surprise.

Free dip in the pool. 

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