Friday, 11 May 2012

May 31st - June 1st, 2010

This morning we didn’t have to travel far as RedGoatRider invited us over to stay a few nights with him and his family here in Anchorage.  For the most part, if someone takes the time to read our thread and invite us over, we do our very best to go and meet them.  It’s a chance for us to learn something new, gain insight, and make new friends.  We always hope our hosts can benefit the same from us as well.  Amanda and I both agree that of all the beautiful places we’ve seen and been to, it’s the people we meet that makes that place special.  

Casa de RedGoatRider

RedGoatRider works at Kaladi Brothers Coffee, which explains his ADV moniker, and rides the beastly BMW GS1200.  He’s planning on making a run for Prudoe Bay in the next few weeks pending work schedule and family obligations.  If things work out, maybe we’ll see him somewhere along the way.  The weather was surprisingly warm, maybe even a little too warm, but one can’t really complain knowing that the winters here can get down to -38.  We took advantage of the good weather shooting the breeze with RedGoatRider and his wife while watching their kids play outside.  I remember a hilarious moment when their daughter kept repeating the words “in your butt” and her mom was embarrassed and tried to make her stop.  RedGoatRider’s in-laws came over for supper and talked about their experience to Prudoe Bay in an RV.

Check out this homemade dip; simply marvelous. 

Moose steaks barbecued to perfection.  RedGoatRider told us a story of how one of the neighbors tried to lure a moose into his garage while it was roaming the streets.  An interesting way of hunting I suppose. 

The following day we hung out with RedGoatRider’s wife and kids while he went to work.  We went for a walk to the local market and had Kaladi Brothers hot chocolate and cookies.

I managed to fire off a few ride report entries and found a tank bag for Amanda selling for $45 on Craigslist in Wasilla.  I called them and arranged a meeting for tomorrow to seal the deal.  Then I installed a throttle lock device that allows you to ride without having your right hand constantly gripped on the handle bar.  It was given to us by Jts45acp because the whole concept of the bike not slowing down when the throttle is released whether or not the device was accidently activated, didn’t sound safe to him.  Amanda didn’t want it because it requires drilling.  I wanted it because it’s one extra gadget I can fiddle around with while riding.  Sounds pretty stupid huh?  I’m sure the novelty will wear off. 

Amanda going out for a bike ride with the kids.

Untainted fresh meat.

The origin of coffee.

New gadget on bike.

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