Monday, 28 May 2012

June 24th-25th, 2010 pt.2

Today we play tourist and explore Dawson City as well as taking part in the Dust 2 Dawson festivities.  Before we headed into town, Hal was having trouble starting his bike so Tommy lent him a hand.

Here we are on the main strip where the biker games take place

We’ve never seen this many adventure bikes before

Most of the buildings in Dawson look old fashioned and new construction must follow this policy

The banquet took place at the Palace Grand Theatre; a national historic site in Canada. 

Everyone we met was super friendly and nice…

…and the food was really good too!

The biker games started shortly after the banquet and there was no way we weren’t going to participate.  The first event was the slow race.  The rider who crosses the finish line last; wins.  We had some practice back in Santa Ana, California.  Questor and MotoAdventureGal helped us take some of these pics. 

The next event was the ball drop.  The rider has to carry 6 tennis balls and drop them in buckets of various sizes.  Sounds simple enough, but it’s tricky when you have to navigate your bike all at the same time.  Amanda had a hard time figuring out where to keep the tennis balls handy so she stuffed them in her jacket as you can see in the picture below.  The rider who manages to drop the most balls in the buckets; wins. 

The third event requires riding your bike blindfolded; a fantastic idea after drinking a few beers.  The objective is to ride your bike blindfolded in a straight line and stop at the designated marker.  The rider who stops closest to the marker; wins.     

The fourth event was a slalom event.  Each successful run resulted in the poles being moved closer together.  Last person standing wins. 

The fifth and final events were my favorite.  You had to pair up with another rider and the person riding pillion had to perform a task.  The fifth event involves tossing two balloons over a stick and catching them while on a moving motorcycle.  Not as easy as it sounds.  The couple who can catch both balloons; wins. 

The final event requires the person riding pillion to take a bite off of a dangling hot dog.  The couple who bites off the biggest piece; wins.   

Although we didn’t win any prizes from the events, we had a heck of a great time. 

We cashed in our free drink vouchers and hung out with some of the riders.  We didn’t get back to Walter’s place till 2:00am 

A day in Dawson.

Amongst like-minded people.

Gold rush town preserved. 

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