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June 19th-23rd, 2010 pt.5

What a treat Inuvik was!  Aboriginal Day festivities really brought life to the town, much more than we had hoped for.  I’m so glad we were able to experience it.  We left Inuvik at around 5:00pm.  The skies were clear and the weather surprisingly toasty for the most part.  We met up with MikeRD400 & WheatWacker in Fort McPherson and decided to camp together.  It was funny watching WheatWacker scoping out potential camping spots.  He would ride his V-Strom off the highway into very questionable terrain while the three of us watched in amusement.  With the suspension bottoming out occasionally and back tire sliding all over the place, WheatWacker managed to make it out unscathed.  

Crossing the Peel River

When we got to the other side of the river, MikeRD400 asked one of the homeowners if it was ok for us to pitch our tents by the river.  Not only did she suggest that we camp in her neighbor’s yard, she invited us over for breakfast the next morning.  Her name is May. 

The four of us had dinner over a small campfire sharing adventure stories and laughing at good times.  To commemorate the longest day in the year, we all walked out to the river to get a better look at the midnight sun. 

The next morning we went over to May’s and formally introduced ourselves.

We had freshly brewed coffee …

…with freshly made bannock, a staple food amongst the Aboriginal peoples

May lives in her cabin year-round.  She hunts, fishes, and uses techniques passed down to her from generation to generation to preserve and prepare her food.  She told us stories of how her Grandfather used to travel back and forth to Dawson City for supplies via dog sled.  So much can be learned from May it’s astounding, yet she presents herself as very down to earth and simply matter of fact.  What an amazing woman.  Although brief, having breakfast with May was the highlight of the Dempster. 

The four of us continued heading south.  MikeRD400 & WheatWacker rode at a faster pace than us so we insisted that they go ahead and reconvene at Dawson City for D2D.  Here’s WheatWacker tearing it up on his V-Strom...

...and us on our trusty KLRs

Getting ready for round 2 on what we thought was the hardest part of the Dempster. 

Cold and happy that we made it out of that section in one piece, we stopped at Rock River Campground to have lunch.  We stayed in the bug hut where they had a woodstove for travelers to use. 

Bannock with beans, an adventurer’s meal

I know it’s not good to vandalize public property, but so many travelers have left their mark in here that we decided to leave ours too.

Longest day of year.

The land of the midnight sun.

A true survivor.  

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